multidisciplinary collaboration, experiential learning, interdisciplinary questions

Multidisciplinary Research and Creative Projects Seminar
Each student develops a research or creative project of their own design while pursuing the insights that emerge from consideration of research and creative practices of peers, who have different disciplinary training, professional paths, and interests from their own.   
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Energy and Culture Research Seminar
As a whole class, we learn to observe, analyze, and interpret the intersection of energy and culture. Students learn techniques for studying the processes of production, dissemination and circulation, and consumption and reception. They critically evaluate the waste, byproducts, and unintended consequences of energy-intensive cultural practices and artifacts. They consider the identities and subjectivities that emerge in relation to these processes. In small groups, students select a shared topic to investigate, then each student individually designs a research project investigating a distinct aspect of that topic.
Teaching materials coming soon.