strategic communications, multidisciplinary teaching, interdisciplinary research

As the Director of Communications for the Honors College at George Mason University, I craft stories that make vivid the value of our vibrant multidisciplinary learning community. Our communications encourage students and stakeholders to prioritize educational experiences that emphasize student-led research, learning to pose good questions, and working with others who have very different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

As an instructor, I challenge students to pursue the insights that emerge from making the methodological, conceptual, and rhetorical norms of their disciplinary or professional discourse communities visible for others. My students develop their capacities to learn from, challenge, and collaborate with students whose training differs from their own. I cultivate spaces for this kind of learning by calling on my students to research the intersections of energy and culture, participate in multidisciplinary seminars focused on individually-designed research and creative projects, and engage with their communities through experiential learning.

As a last year PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies program at George Mason University (hopefully!), I am researching the relationships between the discourses of “clean coal,” the political economy of climate change, and the material practices and technologies used for pollution mitigation in the coal industry. I have previously published and presented about cultural and political economic aspects of the coal industry of Central Appalachia.